Glen Forbes Hills

This beautiful view our French island in the distance was taken from the Glen Forbes Hills and is emblematic of the memories I have of living and working in the Bass Coast region.

In 1954 the cliff family moved into the house on the right side of the picture and soon became participants in the amazingly warm and generous culture of life in Glen Forbes.

At 18, after working in the Archies Creek butter factory and the Glenn Forbes cheese factory, I became the herd tester for the Phillip Island and Archies Creek Herd Testing Association, a great opportunity to live and work with the farming community.

It became obvious to me that the residents of the farms and villages share our love for the ever scenic hills that live between the Bass and Powlett Rivers, but personally I think the hills of Glen Forbes are the best.

Name: Dr Peter Cliff

Special Place: Glen Forbes Hills

Medium: Photograph


Glen Forbes Hills

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