Bass Hills

The Bass Hills are an incredibly, re-juvenating place for a country drive. With three hundred and sixty degree panoramic views of Mornington Peninsula, the Dandenong’s and Wilson’s Promontory, the vista includes sea, bay, rolling hills, farm-lands, hamlets and islands.

After tree clearing of the Bass Hills in the 1800s for fuel, building materials and bark-tanning to supply the surrounding countryside and Melbourne, the hills remained bald and lacking appeal for most of the twentieth century. With Landcare and the farmers’ help with re-planting of trees, the hills and gullies are now re-gaining their aesthetic beauty, albeit different to the original natural bushland. Today the sky-line is once again boasting ‘trees’ and ‘tree-lines’.

Sitting atop the hills looking out over the view, especially at sunset, is a great place to unwind, re-group and catch your breath before resuming the challenges of daily life refreshed from your country drive.

Name: Lynne Cook

Special Place: Bass Hills

Medium: Photograph


Bass Hills

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