Bindi the Story Dog

Bindi the Story Dog

Introducing Bindi the Story Dog! Bindi is an Australian Sheperd who loves long walks on the beach and cosy nights in front of the fire. Her favourite author is Alison Lester and her favourite food is Smockos! Bindi loves to hear primary school aged children read, and we are very excited to announce that Bindi will be offering her listening skills at the Inverloch Library!

Story Dog sessions will run Thursday afternoons at Inverloch Library, and bookings are essential. To allow a range of families to access the StoryDogs program, we ask that you do not book multiple dates for your child. Bindi would love to meet as many different children as possible. 

Bindi will be accompanied by her handler Robyn. Story Dogs handlers are volunteers trained to help emergent readers. The handler will not judge the child and will help in a non-threatening way, and the handlers have a Working with Children Check as per State legislation.

About Story Dogs – 

Story Dogs is based on the successful American literacy program, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.). The R.E.A.D program was launched in 1999 in Utah, USA, as the first comprehensive literacy program built around the appealing idea of children reading to dogs. 

Reading sessions take place in a quiet area of the Library, reading session is approximately 20 minutes long, where each child is one-on-one with the dog team. Books are chosen to suit the student’s reading level.

When children read to a dog, the outcomes are amazing! It is a non-judgemental setting, the children’s focus improves, their literacy skills increase and their confidence soars. The accepting, loving nature of dogs gives this program its magic and helps children relax, open up, try harder and have fun while reading to a friendly, calm dog.

Learning to read is often less about intellectual limitation than about overcoming fears. “Fear can destroy intelligence,” says educator William Ayers. Animals are ideal reading companions because they promote relaxation and lower blood pressure, do not judge, laugh or criticise and allow children to proceed at their own pace.

Learn more about the program here

Which children are chosen for the program?

The children are usually Year 2 students, generally between seven- and eight-years-old. Story Dogs does not assess the children in any way, as the sessions are designed to be as fun and non-threatening as possible. Parental consent is required before a child can participate in the program.


Our Story Dogs program is kindly sponsored by RACV Inverloch Resort.


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