Bookmarking your library with Interchange

Bookmarking your library with Interchange

One of the great things about community organisations is how they work together for the good of the communities they serve, and a really good example of this can currently be found at Wonthaggi Library.

Interchange Gippsland provides great support for people with disabilities, and the Wonthaggi branch of Interchange Gippsland visit Wonthaggi every week for a great, fun session with Library & Programs Officer Sabine. “It is one of the highlights of my week” Sabine says. “They are some of the loveliest people around, and the sound of their laughter makes everyone feel good.”

And it works both ways. “It is one of the highlights for us, too” says Harriet Nunan, Program Coordination Assistant with Interchange Gippsland. “It provides opportunities for engagement with the community through the exciting activities that Sabine organises.”

As a mark of their appreciation, Interchange Gippsland participants decided to make bookmarks for the library, and they are now at the library and available for any library patron, or would be library patron, who would like one! “They are really lovely, and there are as many different designs as there are Interchange Gippsland patrons,” says Sabine, holding up a brightly coloured bookmark as proof. “And they are free to anyone who would like one.”

Wonthaggi Library is a part of My Community Library, which serves the Bass Coast, South Gippsland and Baw Baw Shires, and the Interchange Gippsland bookmarks put the focus very much on the Community part of the organisation’s name.

So, get down to Wonthaggi library and get a free bookmark now!

Article written by Wonthaggi branch manager Jon Dixon.


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