Healthier Habits blog – September 2021 – RUOK?

Healthier Habits blog – September 2021 – RUOK?

September 9th is RU OK Day. This year the focus is on ‘Are you really ok? Ask them today.’

RUOK Day a national day of action, dedicated to reminding everyone that any day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” and support those struggling with life. On September 9th the team at West Gippsland Libraries will take some time out of our day to connect over Zoom to have a ‘virtual cuppa and catch up’. We’ll check in with each other and use the workplace resources on RUOK to get the conversation flowing. 

The RUOK Day website is full of valuable resources to help you give people in your life support and to recognise when they might be struggling. Asking someone how they’re going is important, but it can also be tricky. Sometimes we’re not quite sure how to ask the question, and if we will be prepared for the answer.

During September we’re encouraging you to take some time to explore the RUOK website. You’ll discover a range of free resources including,  

Asking someone if they are ok can seem overwhelming, but the mission of RUOK is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect with those in their world and lend support when they are struggling with life.

September Recommendations: 

We are reading – WellBeing magazine 

WellBeing magazine, along with a vast range of magazines, is available for free through the Libby by Overdrive app. Take some time out from your busy schedule, grab a cuppa and relax with a magazine. Browse through the current and back issues, full of informative, practical articles on ethical living, wholefood cooking, environmental affairs, alternative therapies, natural health and yoga.

Podcasts we love – Crappy to Happy 

Crappy to Happy is the podcast for people on the move who may be feeling low in energy, mood or motivation and can’t figure out exactly why. Cass Dunn, a clinical psychologist, chats with interesting and inspiring guests to help listeners find the root of the reasons why they may not be performing at their best.

September Events 

Extra Support

The opinions and recommendations in this blog do not replace advice from your doctor or mental health practitioner. If you feel like you need further support, you can access many free mental health helplines, support websites, online counselling, web forums, interactive toolkits, one-on-one counselling and group therapy sessions. Please visit the Better Health website for a comprehensive list of services

Mental Wellbeing at WGL

The Healthier Habits blog is adapted from West Gippsland Libraries employee ‘Page Break’ program. Page Break is an initiative from our Manager Volunteers & Community Participation, Kathie Olden. Kathie sends out regular updates to staff inviting them to participate in simple activities and conversation starters that focus on making small changes to their mental health and wellbeing.


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