Mental Health & Well-Being Blog: January 2021

Mental Health & Well-Being Blog: January 2021

A fresh start for the New Year.

Take notice and be mindful of the world around you. Daily life can be busy and stressful. But did you know that you can calm that pressure simply by taking a moment to stop and focus on the present? Mindfulness is about connecting with your immediate thoughts and feelings without judging them. You can practice mindfulness anywhere by taking a deep breath, then allowing yourself to focus only on what is happening in that moment – both in the world around you and in your mind.


Studies have shown that mindfulness has a strong positive effect on your mental wellbeing. By directing your attention to what is happening in the present, you are less likely to focus on worrying about things from the past, or things that might happen in the future. Find daily activities that you can do to improve your mental wellbeing:

  • Spend time outdoors
  • Play your favourite music
  • Listen to a 10-minute guided meditation 
  • Practice mindful eating
  • Think positive
  • Get some sun
  • Disconnect from technology
  • Stay in the present
  • Revisit an old favourite.

Exercise of the Month: Online Fitness at Home 

With Christmas a distant memory, let’s kickstart your health and fitness in 2021 with the online fitness in the comfort of your own home! Online Fitness training skyrocketed during 2020 with more and more people turning to online programs and apps to help with their physical and mental health. If you have not already tried out some online classes, we recommend finding a program that suits you and move, move, move for the New Year.

Listed below are just some of the thousands of Online Fitness Programs that you can try from home.

  • Fitness Blender – Access 100’s of free workout videos 
  • The Lean Machines – A great series of free workouts on Youtube 
  • Yoga with Adriene – online yoga suitable for all levels, all bodies and all genders. 
  • PE with Joe – fun virtual workouts for the whole family! 
  • Move with Nicole – online Pilates, Barre and HIIT workouts with lover of movement, Nicole McPherson.
  • How to stay fit as you age – Certified fitness and wellness consultant Dr. Bonura helps you create and practice a balanced, adaptable fitness program. Access this program through Kanopy with your West Gippsland Libraries membership.
  • West Gippsland has over 500 Fitness related books, DVD’s & magazines for you to borrow.

Before you start a new fitness regime or plan please consult your Doctor.

Activity of the Month: Travel

There has never been a better time to explore your local area and all it has to offer. Try out local cafes, attractions and parks and become a tourist in your own town. 

Further Reading:

Local Events and Information:

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Olive Wellings

Another great fitness idea is Active Seniors from NSW, some free sessions some paid. Great variety and helpful staff. Thanks for all the great ideas

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