Motherling – Danielle Casbolt

Motherling – Danielle Casbolt

West Gippsland Libraries were proud to host author, Jen Hutchison to talk about her book ‘Motherling’ recently at Foster, Leongatha and Warragul. The book addresses every parent of an adult child’s nightmare. You’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from half way across the world. Something terrible has happened …Until now there has been no word for a mother who has lost her child. This is a story of finding and healing yourself after that unspeakable loss, healing through walking and taking what life throws at you, one step at a time.

‘Motherling’ recounts Jen’s walk of the 800km Camino de Santiago following her son’s unexpected death. This beautiful and poignant read details a mother’s attempt to come to terms with her son’s death.

In these intimate talks, Jen spoke bravely about loosing Raif and shared lots of photos from her adventures.

This was a thoroughly engaging experience with Jen. There was lots of laughter as well as a few tears and some really heartfelt stories shared.

We highly recommend reading ‘Motherling’ – it’s an inspiring and well written story.


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