Murder at the Library Murder Mystery Kit

Murder at the Library Murder Mystery Kit

‘It’s the library’s 100-year celebration, and everyone is having fun and enjoying each other’s company until a scream echoes throughout the building. A death has just occurred… Can you discern which suspects are telling the truth and which are hiding something? And is that something murder’? 

One victim and eight suspects. Not all of them had a hand in the murder, right? Put your detective cap on and use your sleuthing skills to work your way through the case. Go through witness statements, interrogation transcripts, crime scene photos and more on your hunt for clues.  

How to Play 

Pick up a pack from the Warragul, Drouin, Neerim South library branches or from the Northern Mobile*. You can also reserve a pack to be placed on our holds shelf and picked up at your convenience. Please click here for more details and to reserve your pack.

Divided into three sections, there will be two separate instances where you’re asked to make an informed decision about where the case is headed. Check your answers by forging ahead and once you have the killer in your sights, open the confession envelope to read what actually happened the night of the Pernam Library’s 100 year Open House Celebration. 

Remember that the murder is taking part in the fictional world! There is no intentional correlation between any of the characters and real-life individuals, nor do we plan on having any actual murders happening in the library! With that in mind, while the kit will require some critical thinking, if you’re ever lost we suggest viewing things with a suspension of disbelief.  

Please note that while the contents of the kit are not explicit, the targeted audience is age 16+, or 12+ with parental supervision.  It is estimated that it will take 1-2 hours to complete the kit. 

Packs are available from Warragul, Drouin, Neerim South library branches and the Northern Mobile library*.

**Please allow 2 days notice to pick up a pack from the Northern Mobile. Reserve your pack here or phone the Warragul branch on 56 222 848 to organise. 


Join us on social media with #MyliMystery with photos of your own crime board! 

If you have completed the kit, please leave your feedback here. This will help us with future planning for events in our library branches. 


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