Myli Mate’s Rates – Bass Coast Cultural Venues

Myli Mate’s Rates – Bass Coast Cultural Venues

Mate’s Rates are exclusive deals just for being a Myli library member. On top of all the benefits of being a library member, registering for Mate’s Rates gives you access to exclusive offers from our partners.   

We have partnered with Bass Coast Cultural Venues to bring you ‘Mate’s Rates’ on upcoming shows in February – May 2024.  

Upcoming Myli Mate’s Rate Discounted shows –


  • NEWK – The John Newcombe Story

    When: Tuesday 20th February 2pm 
    Where: Berninneit, Cowes 

    Myli Mate’s Rate – apply the exclusive Myli code against ‘Adult’ tickets to bring the price down to $15. That’s a saving of $10 per ticket!  

    Program Details: Starring Damien Callinan  

    Great value daytime theatre by ‘one of the best character comedians in the country’ (Herald Sun). Both drama and comedy that portrays a highly determined and ambitious man burning through a quickly changing world. A grand story of a great Australian tennis champion who wanted all life to be a huge ride. And he took us with him. From Cinzano commercials to K-Tel tennis instruction albums! Celebrating Australian history, identity, and self-mockery through the nostalgia of the 1960s and 70s.

    Bookings are required


  • Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes   

    Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes   

    When: Wednesday 10th April 11am
    Where: Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre 

    Myli Mates Rates – apply the exclusive Myli code against ‘Children 16 years and under’ to bring the price down to $6! That’s a 50% saving. Adult tickets are free!

    A bright, colourful and interactive performance for children and families. Here is the story of Snow White remade into a fun and interactive show for all ages…. park your pre-conceived ideas about Snow White at the door and go along for the ride! The Cool Dudes have decided it’s time they started making healthier food choices and doing some exercise. 

  • Little Wing Puppets - A Little Bit of Blue

    When: Thursday 11 April 2024 11am & 2pm 
    Where: Berninneit, Cowes 

    Myli Mate’s Rate – apply the exclusive Myli code against ‘Performance Only’ tickets to bring the price down to $12 per ticket  

    Jenny Ellis, a children’s puppeteer of more than 20 years, weaves a detective mystery that also explores the extraordinary habits of the Australian Satin Bowerbird, and why they are so fascinated by the colour blue. The young audience will gasp with surprise, sigh with the sadness, shout in outrage, cheer with triumph, and dance with joy as they follow the sneaky bowerbird on his journey to find love. 

    Bookings are required 


  • Australian Chamber Orchestra Collective -The Lark Ascending

    When: Sunday 12 May 2pm 
    Where: Berninneit, Cowes 

    Myli Mate’s Rate – apply the exclusive Myli discount code against ‘Adult’ Tickets bringing the price down to $30 per ticket. That’s a saving of $5 per ticket.  

    Performing “The Lark Ascending” in a very special concert of beauty and spirit. This eternal favourite is the centrepiece of an uplifting program directed by ACO Principal Violin Helena Rathbone. With its soaring melodies and joyful trills, Ralph Vaughan Williams creates a radiant portrait of a lark in flight, trailing a silver chain of sound as it rises. Bound to the ground, we can only bask in its beauty. 

    ‘The collective sound of ACO Collective is exquisite and homogenous, a tribute to the musicians of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, who have sought these rare talents.’ Sydney Morning Herald. 

    Bookings are required. 


  • Affordable Shows -

    Bass Coast Cultural Venues presents a variety of affordable shows at Berninneit in Cowes that might capture your interest. While we currently do not offer any discount for these shows, we assure you they provide excellent value for your entertainment. 

    Royal Navy Band- Jazz Ensemble 

    When: Sunday 7th April 2024 2pm 
    Where: Berninneit, Cowes 
    Tickets: Adults $15, Concession/ Youth $10 

    Classic jazz, swing and samba, to New Orleans and boogaloo. Featuring vocalist and 7 of the Navys finest musicians. Having toured the world, performing with the likes of Don Burrows, James Morrison, and Katie Noonan, and at international festivals including Devonport Jazz Festival and the Wangaratta International Jazz Festival. 

  • Further Support and Questions -

    If you need further support booking your tickets, please contact Bass Coast Cultural Venues on (03) 5671 2470 or via their Contact page.


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