We’re changing to BorrowBox

We’re changing to BorrowBox

We’re making the switch from Libby to Borrowbox. 
If you are a Libby user, you can continue to borrow e-books and e-audio books until June 30th and e-magazines will be available until the end of August. From July 1st we’ll be adding e-magazines to Borrowbox, along with the existing range of e-book and e-audio content.  

 BorrowBox makes it easier 
Listening, reading and browsing our BorrowBox collection of e-books and e-audiobooks is now even easier with the fresh, new Borrowbox website. Out and about or on the go, take the Borrowbox app with you. Available to download foriPad, iPhone and Android.  

The range of titles available on BorrowBox is extensive so we are sure you’ll find something fantastic to borrow! Access books from the very best authors, including big names such as Kate Atkinson, David Baldacci, Margaret Atwood, Lee Child, James Patterson, among others. The selection of international bestselling titles expands constantly, bringing you the best range of eContent since digital lending began. 
Looking for e-magazines on Borrowbox? We’re adding a selection of your favourite e-magazines to Borrowbox now. Check them out here.  
Have you tried uLibrary? 
uLIBRARY offers exclusive access to titles from best-selling authors and a range of genres including family saga, romance, mystery/thriller and even non-fiction in e-audio book format. 


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