1000 Books Before School: at Myli

1000 Books Before School: at Myli

The 1000 Books Before School program has been suspended during COVID-19 restrictions.

The 1000 Books Before School program is a great way to track your child’s reading progress. You can start any time until your child begins school, you can even register your unborn baby! Your child has until the end of term 1 of the year they start school to finish reading.

How to register

Visit your local branch and ask to register for 1000 Books Before School program. You will be given a welcome packs that includes your first reading record sheets and stickers. Once you have reached a milestone, in your Reading Record (at 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 books), please visit your local branch so we can give a milestone prize to you. When your child reaches 1000 books, or starts school, the program is completed. Congratulations!

How to use the reading record sheets

The program begins for your family on the day you register.

Use the record sheets to keep track of your child’s reading progress. You can start counting books from the day you register (but not any books you read before that!).

Each time you complete a book with your child:

Update your printed reading record with a sticker or add a mark to your reading record any time that your child completes or actively listens to an entire book.

This includes library books, your own books, friends’ books, eBooks, audio books, books that someone else reads to your child, books that your child listens to at a Storytime session or at kinder or playgroup.

Repetition is important for learning. If you read the same book 10 times, you make 10 marks in the reading record.

More information

If you have any questions about the program, please contact your local branch


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