All said and done by Harry Strudwick

All said and done by Harry Strudwick

Harry Strudwick, is an international person of mystery. A nom de plume, a ghost, Harry is a regular contributor to the Bass Coast Poetry Wall but no-one knows who or where he/she is.

So, you don’t like living with Covid?

Well you’re not the only one

But we’re all in this together

When all is said and done

So don’t go on about restrictions

And how you don’t want to do this and that

Because the rules are here to protect us

Oh yes, and it’s a fact!

So put on your mask and keep your distance

One and a half metres apart

And if you feel like complaining

Don’t do it, just don’t start

And when we’ve got a vaccine

And Covid’s all said and done

You can take off your mask and do what you like

Whatever’s your idea of fun

(as long as it’s legal of course)






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