Aine’s Scion by Heather Tobias

Aine’s Scion by Heather Tobias

Heather Murray Tobias has been an active member of DLS and Ibis Writers for two decades.Her work has been published in DLS publications, various anthologies, journals and local Gippsland newspapers. She has been a contributor online to Bass Coast Post.  Her first published collection A Feather in my Hair (2011) ,  in the form of a birdwatcher’s diary, refers to her relationship with birds. Her second book of poetry and journal notes was published by Ódrerir Books, Melbourne, 2014. Aine’s Scion was inspired by a chance meeting with an Irish lady in the supermarket.

Aine’s  Scion
I met the faeries’ daughter in the supermarket shelves
Where the cranberry and pomegranate cast their shades
And she bewitched me with her mischief
Sparkling bright in laughing eyes
As she spun her tales of journeys long and wild –
I was born in Dublin’s heart, she said and smiled,
But I didn’t like the rain so ran away
With a troupe of gypsies and their magic music ways
Getting lost and found in Denmark by a man I wed
And spent my life beside and now he’s dead
And I am here with a short ,wide dog and
A foreign lodger who watches his TV
But never speaks with me. And so it is.
I feed the Butcher Birds, she told me, and they flutter so
She demonstrates, like this and this, singing the sweetest songs
And I tried to write my story but new windows bamboozled me
And so I’m telling it to you to do with it what you do.
I am captured by her lively face and chuckling laugh
I want to sit and listen, want to sit and watch
Greedy for her lilting voice and mischief in her smile
Her sea change brought her here and met me in a supermarket aisle
Whilst others unseen reached past us to harvest bounty
From the shelves and we saw none but each other
Whilst she spun her faery spell and all was well.


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