Dingo On The Doorstep and Unconditional Love by Peggy Aeschlimann

Dingo On The Doorstep and Unconditional Love by Peggy Aeschlimann

Born and bred in Leongatha, Peggy enjoys all things cultural and adores travelling. She is very lucky to be able to support her penniless bohemian lifestyle by being irregularly sent overseas to teach English as a Second Language. She loves good food films, and friends.


The blowflies buzz languidly

  Through the heat of the day

  On the other side of the screen.

  Inside, evidence of afternoon tea:

  Empty cups cluster in the old enamel sink,

  Scone crumbs pile on the tablecloth.

  The menfolk lean back contentedly

  In this break in proceedings.

          And the dingo sleeps on the doorstep.


  Time-honoured scents

  Of seasons gone by

  Confirm that all is well in this world.

  The kitchen abounds in distinctive aromas:

  Dried sweat and hay masked by simmering jam

  (Fowlers jars await in a line).

  The roast in the oven for tonight’s tea

  Beef sandwiches for tomorrow.

          And the dingo stirs on the doorstep.


  A misbegotten cur

  His lean frame a grizzled grey;

  Sire kelpie, dam part heeler at least.

  The native looks out through his clear yellow eyes:

  No cow hides unnoticed, no command unheard.

  “Best damn dog I’ve ever had.”

  But the arvo is for chasing rabbits,

  On the hills or in his dreams.

          And the dingo twitches on the doorstep.


With no discernable signal

  All know when to leave

  Like birds on a powerline.

  The boss organises the next day’s schedule:

  “Come ’round after milking; a day’s rake and bale.

  And pray for no rain.”

  The missus is thanked

  For her lavish hospitality.

          And the dingo stretches on the doorstep.


  Side by side they watch

  The lads go down the driveway

  In dusty utes and four-wheel drives.

  They gaze over their acreage:

  Hay paddocks newly slashed, plantations in the gullies.

  The cows low from behind the shed.

  Then the missus to her kitchen,

  The boss whistles in his dog.

          And the dingo bounds away from the doorstep.



Deep, our memories

Find unconditional love

Reflecting her soul



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