Library Lockdown by Harry Strudwick

Library Lockdown by Harry Strudwick
Harry Strudwick, is an international person of mystery. A nom de plume, a ghost, Harry is a regular contributor to the Bass Coast Poetry Wall but no-one knows who or where he/she is
Library Lockdown.
A library in long term lockdown
Is a peaceful place to be
With no demanding patrons
Like you, and you, and me
The books are perfectly shelved
With no one to mess up their order
And everything’s calm and organised
Within the peaceful library border
And all of the hard worked staff
Can have nice long afternoon naps
And instead of an afternoon cuppa
Maybe a nice glass of schnapps
So maybe they’ll keep it like this
For a month or a year or ten
With the doors all locked, and nobody here
And then maybe they’ll do it again
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