Only Boring People Get Bored by Stephen Jones

Only Boring People Get Bored by Stephen Jones

Stephen has had a love for rhyming verse ever since his mum and dad would read him stories as a young boy. He enjoys writing fun poems for his four young kids to get them to think about, and enjoy, the good things God has given. Stephen currently serves as one of the Pastors of Drouin Presbyterian Church. 


Only boring people get bored – Stephen Jones

“I’m bored,” sighed Sam as he slouched on the couch,

His arms crossed, face frowned, just being a grouch.

“I’m the most bored boy there could ever be, nobody’s ever been as bored as me!”


His Mum, who heard this same whinge every day,

Just smiled a tired smile and began to say:

“Only boring people get bored, you see,

Our world’s not boring, so how could you be?”

“Boring people don’t get fascinated,

They look at nature un-captivated,

Just seeing the surface; not looking under,

Missing the world in all of its wonder.

Open your eyes, look around and you’ll see, Being boring in our world you just cannot be”.


“Look down in the grass, the land of the small,

To find what can wriggle and creep and crawl.

Lift up a rock or a log to reveal

The insects, beetles and bugs they conceal.

Watch as they make tiny homes underground,

And hunt for where their next feed can be found.

A miniature world for you to explore,

So hop off the couch and head out the door.”

“Next, check out the trees – the tallest of toys!

Climbing them is one of life’s greatest joys.

Build a treehouse in the branches to hide,

Add in a swing, maybe even a slide.

And then there’s the sticks, there’s sticks everywhere.

Bow and arrow here; a sword over there.

Throwing piles of leaves and making it rain- Oh what you’ll miss if you sit and complain.”


“Then there’s the dirt, could it get any better?

Yes- there’s mud! It’s just dirt a bit wetter!

Mud paintings, mud puddles and even mud pies-

( But make sure you don’t get mud in your eyes.)

Digging down deeper there’s treasures I’m told,

Fossils or gems or buried pirate gold.

Just think of the fun that you could uncover,

Go out and find it- and please take your brother…”

“Only boring people get bored, you see, Our world’s not boring, so how could you be?”


Sam heard his Mum’s words and looked at the baby.

He rolled his eyes and managed a, “Maybe.”

It did sound better than just sitting inside

But still not convinced, he sat there and sighed.

His patient mum, not defeated yet, said,

“Look at the amazing sky overhead?

Explore those clouds, what shapes do they make?

A rabbit, a fish, a white fluffy cake?

At night time the sky comes into its own,

Billions of stars and a moon all alone- People have actually been there you know!

Adventure is out there, so out you should go.”

“Or have you tried growing a plant from a seed?

For a tree to appear that’s the first thing you’ll need.

With some sun, some water and help from the bees,

You can grow teeny flowers or giant fruit trees.

Watch as they go from a seed to a sprout,

Then a sprout to a seedling- amazing no doubt!

The garden is calling you, Sam, to go sow it, So put on your gloves, get out there and grow it.”


While his Mum kept speaking, Sam’s mind had strayed,

Starting to wonder of all that’s been made.

From tadpoles to frogs, chameleons too.

Valleys and mountains and oceans so blue.

Snowflakes and rainbows and deep outer space.

Deserts and islands, a warm friendly face.

All kinds of people, the whole human race.

The world really is an amazing place!

Sam jumped off the couch, smiled at his mother,

Pulled on his boots and picked up his brother,

“The fun is outside just waiting for me, Being boring in our world, I just cannot be.”


His Mum- after doing the cooking and cleaning,

The folding, the ironing (the pile was leaning)-

Was able to sit for the first time that day.

She slouched on the couch and watched as they played.

Remembering the joy she had as a child,

Fun and adventures all out in the wild.

Too exhausted now to go out exploring. Being an adult is just plain old boring!

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