Q&A with Graeme Base: On-demand Programs

Q&A with Graeme Base: On-demand Programs

Celebrate Book Week 2020 with West Gippsland Libraries and Graeme Base

We are excited to announce Q&A with Graeme Base, brought to you by Digitales and The Base Factory.

The Video will be released throughout Book Week 2020, Curious Creatures, Wild Minds from Saturday 17 October. It is available for individuals and schools to watch online.

Part 1 Graeme’s Books

Part 2 Becoming and Being a Writer

Part 3 Illustrations, Artwork and the App

Full version


The interview features questions and art from kids in our community. For more Graeme Base try the link below for an interactive exploration of Animalia.

If you are a West Gippsland Libraries member you can log on to the Animalia app for free

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