‘Rainbows’ and ‘Jack’ by John B.

‘Rainbows’ and ‘Jack’  by John B.

John Baglin is a plumber, inventor and observer. He uses poetry as an escape from his very practical world, and writes about events and things he sees around him. Poetry is his creative outlet, his way of showing what he sees, or how he feels, about topical issues.



You’re always chasing rainbows,

My mum oft said to me.

Chasing every greener pasture,

That you chance upon or see.


When will you settle down?

And be happy with your lot,

Learned to be contented,

At peace with what you’ve got.


Well I like to follow rainbows,

They fascinate and draw

My curious attention,

My heart doth lift and soar.


They walk with me in paddocks,

Trot with me on horse,

I’ve chase them in the car at times,

They win each time of course.


Such pure and simple beauty,

Such joy produced by rain and sun.

When I follow each new rainbow,

It seems a new life’s just begun.               




Is cold this morn,

and the ground is white about.

flower buds are hiding closed,

the word is, Jack is out.


He’s sneaking round the garden,

coating all with ice,

watch out, mum says,

he’s mean and cold, not  nice.


he bites on kiddies fingers,

and makes bare toes feel sore.

Rug up well this morning,

he’s just outside the door.


he won’t be there all day I bet,

just when dark and days begun,

he’ll melt away to nothing,

he doesn’t like the sun.


Jack will hide all day it seems

carefully out of sight,

then creep back when it’s dark again

and paint the garden white.



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