The sounds of Summer by SJ Ward

The sounds of Summer by SJ Ward

SJ Ward is the nom de plume for a talented local poet. The sounds of Summer is inspired, like always, by a broken heart.


The sounds of Summer

She is: There.

Pearls, white and floral

Delightfully rouged beneath the stealth of summer rain.

Lightweight lilac anorak, a blended contrast

Against the cloudful sky


I Stand. smudged, khaki and

denim clinging, damp, curved.

Tanned strength of frame.

Dripping tendrils reveal earrings;

the piercing blue of her sons’ eyes


Behind, the sounds of summer;

Echoes of youth.


Ahead. My gaze alights

Black white, checked legs,

White hair, lone streak of night.

Sitting singular. Compact.


She smiles. I smile back, brief intimate exchange

Recollection; midlife and teens

My chin rises. A little taller now.


She wonders what she thinks.


SJ Ward



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