Chatting with Morrie Aitken | ANZAC Day | Lisa

Anzac Day is a day to remember and uphold those who served in our armed forces. Anzac Day 2021 sees the Fish Creek RSL celebrating their centenary year. Team member Lisa recently spoke to Morrie Aitkin, the secretary of this RSL. Morrie tells us a little about his history in armed services, the RSL and how they have chosen to mark their 100 year milestone. The Fish Creek RSL aims to present a scholarship to 2 local year 6 children from the primary school. This will help with the cost of their first year of Secondary school. You can help too. If you are passing through Fish Creek, please consider donating via one of the donation tins around the town.

Audio captions are available for this video. Simply click the ‘CC’ symbol on the video to switch them on.

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