Evie is all ears | StoryTime Online | 09 | Lisa D

Say hello to Lisa D! She’s here with a lovely story about a little bilby.

Evie loves school. She loves seeing her friends, using her long snout to sniff out food, and digging with sharp claws through fresh dirt. But unlike her classmates, Evie can’t hear the teacher’s instructions. When a way for Evie to be “all ears” arrives, is this little bilby willing to accept the help?

Audio captions are available for this story. Click on the ‘CC’ symbol to switch on or off.

An online StoryTime reading with kind permission from Little Pink Dog Books.
Today we read – Evie is all ears.
Written by Kellie Byrnes
Illustrated by Lesley McGee
This title is available to view from 18/8/2021 until 18/02/22

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