Lucy’s Book & The Oo in Uluru | 14 | StoryTime Online | Australia Reads | Michelle and Julie-Anne

Michelle and Julie-Anne have a very special StoryTime for Reading Hour. Jump into your jarmies, grab your teddy and join them for some songs and stories to help you drift off into dreamland.

Reading Hour is a special day held on Tuesday 14th of September to celebrate the love and joy of reading! Families all over Australia will be setting aside some time to read special books together. To find out more, visit the Australia Reads website: australiareads.org.au/australian-reading-hour/

Today Michelle reads –
Lucy’s Book
Written by Natalie Jane Prior
Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini
Published by Hachette Australia (LothianChildren’s Books)

Today Julie-Anne reads –
The Oo in Uluru
Written by Judith Barker
Illustrated by Janie Frith
This edition published by Woodslane Press in Australia in 2019

An online StoryTime reading with kind permission from the publishers.
Audio captions are available for this title. Click on the ‘CC’ symbol to switch them on and off. 

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