Tuesday Book Chat | 02 | Larissa & Jenny

Book Chat with Jenny and Larissa #02
Filmed: 22 September 2020

Summary of the books mentioned in this chat:

The Giver of Stars (2019) / Jojo Moyes – Historical fiction and romance inspired the true story of the Kentucky Pack Horse Librarians who delivered books to people in remote mountains in the 1930s.

Perfect / Rachel Joyce (2013) – Literary fiction set in two timelines, 1972 following the life on an 11 year old boy, and the present day following a man struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The book plays with and questions the concept of time.

It / Stephen King (1986) – Horror fiction about the experiences of a group of children being stalked by an evil creature.
Dracula / Bram Stoker (1897) – Classic Gothic horror novel in which the vampire fantasy genre was developed, using correspondence between characters to tell the story of their interactions with vampire, Count Dracula.
Underland (2019) / Robert Macfarlane – A work of non-fiction that studies the complex and historical worlds that exist underground, including the Paris catacombs.

Landmarks (2016) / Robert Macfarlane – Non-fiction exploring how language frames our understanding of place and the natural world.

Any Ordinary Day (2018) / Leigh Sales – Award-winning journalist Leigh Sales tells the stories of people who have been through harrowing and life changing experiences while exploring how we process grief and trauma, and what it means to ‘survive’.

Normal People / Sally Rooney (2018) – A coming of age romance that deals with the complex relationship between two people who have an intense but sometimes damaging connection.

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