Eagles Nest aka Fraggle Rock

My girls, when they were little, called it Fraggle Rock. The small ones needed our help to walk the long way down the myriad of steps but when it suddenly came into view, waves lapping and swooshing, they shouted with joy. The interesting creatures and monsters who made the rock their home would soon be engaged. Creatures revealed with screams of discovery and delight who seemed to always disappear just when the others ran over to look. Apparently, Red Fraggle, Mokey Fraggle and Boober were shy individuals who could only be seen by someone who was in their favour. There were always arguments as to whether Fraggles had truly been seen at all, and accusations of making things up were hotly denied. As the girls got older the name, Eagles Nest slowly replaced the make-believe name of that rocky outcrop; their imaginary playground, but it has never lost its magic.

Name: John Mutsaers
Special Place: Eagles Nest / Fraggle Rock
Medium: Painting – “White Cockies over Eagles Nest, Inverloch” Oil on canvas board 80cm x 50cm


Eagles Nest, Inverloch

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