Meeting Room Hire: at Myli

Meeting Room Hire: at Myli

Discover a place where you can connect, belong, and learn.

Looking for a meeting room that is both flexible and affordable? Look no further than Myli – My Community Library (Myli)! Our libraries offer meeting rooms for hire at multiple locations

Affordable Rates for Everyone

Access our affordable meeting spaces at the following meeting room rates:

  • Standard Rate: $30 per hour
  • Non-profit/Community Group Rate: $15 per hour

To secure your reservation, payment must be made in advance of the hire date. Payment can be made via invoice upon request, and for those who prefer in-person transactions, cash payments are accepted at our branch. Additionally, EFTPOS facilities are available at our Pakenham and Emerald locations only. 

Meetings can only be booked in full-hour increments, with a minimum booking duration of 1 hour.

Flexible Spaces As Per Your Needs

Our meeting rooms are designed to be flexible so that they can cater to your needs. Whether you require a boardroom-style setup or a more casual layout, our rooms can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Stay Connected with Our WiFi and Equipment

Need access to high-speed internet or equipment like projectors or screens? We’ve got you covered! All of our meeting spaces come equipped with WiFi access and modern equipment are available on request which makes it easy to stay connected during your meetings.

Meeting Room Locations

Meeting rooms are available at the following locations and times (subject to availability);

Warragul library

Available Monday- Saturday, during library opening hours. 

A private and well-equipped small space, perfect for discussion groups, brainstorming and smaller gatherings. 


Wonthaggi Library 

Available Monday – Saturday, during library opening hours.

A private and well-equipped small space, perfect for discussion groups and smaller gatherings. With its comfortable setting and efficient amenities, it offers a productive environment for your meetings and events.

Drouin Library 

Available Monday – Saturday, during library opening hours and after-hours on request

A private and well-appointed meeting room that can accommodate groups of various sizes. Equipped with a kitchenette and comfortable setting make it an appealing choice for hosting a range of meetings and events.

Myli Support Centre – Warragul 

Available Monday – Friday, during support centre opening hours.

A private and flexible meeting space suitable for a variety of purposes. From meetings to workshops, the meeting rooms at the Myli Support Centre can accommodate different group sizes and offer amenities such as audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi and a kitchenette. Conveniently located on Victoria Street in Warragul, it makes it a popular choice for local organisations.

Pakenham Library

Available Monday – Sunday, during library opening hours.

A private and well-appointed space that can accommodate groups of various sizes and offers a kitchenette for added convenience. With its comfortable setting and versatility, it is an ideal choice for hosting a range of meetings and events.

Emerald Library 

Available Monday – Saturday, during library opening hours.

A private and well-appointed meeting room that can accommodate groups of various sizes. A comfortable setting with modern amenities, make this an appealing choice for hosting a range of meetings and events.

Other locations

Grantville & Inverloch

For enquiries regarding the meeting room rates and availability at Inverloch and Grantville libraries please contact the Bass Coast Council Customer Service on 1300 226 278


For enquiries regarding meeting room rates and availability at Korumburra Community Hub, please click here

Phillip Island 

For enquiries regarding meeting room hire at Berninneit, Cowes, please click here.

Meeting Room Terms & Conditions

Please note in accordance with Government guidelines, smoking is not permitted at any Myli – My Community Libraries location.


The Hirer is required to use all MYLI – My Community Library (Myli) facilities in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Myli reserve the right to refuse or accept any or all applications and may disregard any booking that is not made within the terms of this agreement.

Child safety

Myli is a child-safe organisation, committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and the seven Victorian child safety standards. Anybody undertaking activities involving children must supply a copy of a current Working With Children Check.

General Information

Free Wi-Fi is available at all locations and after hours on request.

  • Drinking water, tea & coffee-making facilities can be provided upon request. No other catering is provided however a list of recommended local cafes can be made available upon request.
  • Meeting room bookings are available during the following times (Subject to availability): All locations except Drouin library and the Support Centre – Operation hours only. Drouin library – During library operation hours and out of hours (Conditions apply). Support Centre – available between 9am – 5pm weekdays only.
  • For enquiries regarding the meeting rooms at Cowes and Inverloch libraries please contact the Bass Coast Council Customer Service on 1300 226 278
  • After-hours bookings at the Drouin library require the hirer to collect the keys from the Branch Manager no more than 2 days prior to the booking. Keys must be returned via the after hours return chute or to the service desk the following day.
Confirmation of a Booking

A booking will not be considered confirmed until payment has been received and the following documentation has been provided:

  • A completed and signed copy of the Meeting room booking form.
  • Signed copy of the Meeting room hire terms and conditions form.
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (For after-hours building use – Drouin Library only).
  • A valid copy of your Working With Children Check card if the proposed activity includes children.
  • Copy of liquor licence (If applicable).

Once the documents listed above have been received, the branch manager will confirm fees and charges. Should payment not be received prior to your booking, all bookings will be considered null and void and the booking will be cancelled.


All fees are payable in advance (Unless by prior agreement). An invoice will be issued for the amount owing and payments are to be made to:

Myli – My Community Library Ltd.
Support Centre
2/65 Victoria St,
Warragul 3820


Notice of cancellation and postponements must be received two working days prior to the date booked.

This hire agreement may be terminated at any time if the hirer:

  • Has not paid the hire fee in the manner specified in the Room booking and terms and conditions form.
  • Breaches any of the hirer’s obligations specified in these conditions and fails to remedy the breach.

Myli reserves the right to change, vary or impose additional conditions if deemed necessary at any time. Myli may cancel a booking at any time and return all monies paid to the hirer who then will have no claim for any loss or damage.


The contact person listed on the Meeting Room Booking Form is accountable for the use and return of keys and any associated fees incurred due to loss or damage. Keys must not be given to any other person(s) and are only to be used for the time outlined in your application.

Good Order

The Hirer shall be responsible for full adherence to these conditions and for the maintenance and preservation of good order for the duration of use.

  • Any damage to furniture, fittings or fixtures must be reported immediately to the library staff or Support Centre and shall be paid for by the meeting organiser.
  • Fixtures, chattels or fittings are not to be removed from the room/office or kitchen area without consent from Chief Executive Officer.
  • The premises must not be used for any purpose other than that stated in the application.
  • The room is to be vacated at the finish time stated in the booking agreement.

The hirer is responsible for leaving the room requested in a clean and tidy manner.

The hirer must ensure;

  • No food or drink is left at the facility.
  • That all dishes are cleaned, dried and put away.
  • All decorations, tape etc. are removed.
  • Tables and chairs are safely stacked & returned to storage areas.
  • The outside areas are free of litter.
  • The floors are spot mopped/mopped if there have been any spills etc.
  • The kitchen floors are moped and benches are wiped down.
  • All rubbish is placed in the bins provided or removed and disposed of at the hirer’s own expense.
  • All electrical appliances and lights are turned off after use.

The hirer agrees to indemnify, and keep indemnified, and to hold harmless Myli from and against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses and damages whatsoever, which may be brought or made or claimed against them, or any of them arising out of, or in relation to, any hire or use of any Myli space, venue or facility.

A copy of a Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance for a minimum of 10 million dollars must be presented to the relevant branch manager for after-hours use of Myli rooms. The policy must be in the name of the hirer and provide cover for the planned function/event.


The hirer must not do anything in connection with the venue requested which may cause a nuisance or interference with any other person. Antisocial behaviour such as but not limited to spitting, insulting language, disorderly behaviour, excessive noise or property damage is prohibited. The hirer must make all efforts to ensure guests leave the facility in a quiet and orderly manner.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Myli reserves the right to cancel any booking or refund any payment without notice at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. Should the room or rooms reserved be unavailable, MYLI – My Community Library reserves the right where possible to cancel or substitute similar or comparable venues (by consultation and coordination with the hirer). Every effort will be made to advise the hirer in advance.


The hirer acknowledges and agrees that they accept full responsibility for the actions of its attendees. The hirer and persons supervising group activities must fully familiarise themselves with the Site Emergency Procedures and all Occupational Health and Safety protocols that exist within the building. All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure security requirements of the building are adhered to.


No Myli meeting room locations are licensed to serve alcohol. The applicant must not sell or distribute any alcohol, or allow any alcohol to be consumed or brought into Myli premises unless the hirer has obtained a permit appropriate for the activity under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (Vic). The applicant is responsible and liable for the actions and behaviours of all guests using  Myli property both inside and outside of the venue.


The hirer must not allow any persons to smoke in or within 10 meters of the entrance of the venue.


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