The Gurdies Conservation Reserve


I walk in the bush
And find its boundless beauty
Enhancing my joy.

Whipbirds, kookas call,
Piercing the silent morning
The bush awakes.

Mauve and blue gems
Fringe and chocolate lilies
Swaying in the breeze.

Ah, a glint of gold
Yellow rush lily twisting
Its head to the sun.

Native bees flit by
Settling and pollinating
Delicate flowers.

Yellow Box in flush
Flowering, attracting bees
Honey scented gum.

Shaded fern gully
Fringed by Hop Goodenia
Bracken fern waves tall.

Among the grasses.
Peeping out, its fine tendrils
Reaching for the sky.

I pause, gaze in awe
Hibberta’s delicate beauty
Fills my soul with more.

Homeward now I go
Refreshed, blessed and meditative
Opening the gate……..

Name: Margaret Lee

Special Place: The Gurdies Conservation Reserve

Medium: Photographs and Botanical Names


The Gurdies Nature Conservation Reserve

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