A library love story.

A library love story.

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours.
In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”
—Maya Angelou

A library membership, like a marriage, could be said to be for life, and maybe no one appreciates this more at the moment than Wonthaggi patron Georgia, who has a special connection to both.

The story starts a few weeks ago as Georgia and her partner, Alister, were excitedly looking forward to exchanging their wedding vows in their very own home, in front of a few immediate family members. But then disaster struck in the form of a new Covid lockdown, which forbade anyone from a different household coming to theirs.

Things could have ended there, but then Georgia had an idea. ‘Although the library isn’t on most couple’s shortlist of wedding venues, it’s the first place I thought of when I found out that we couldn’t get married at home,’ she said. She added that the library staff ‘couldn’t have been more positive, helpful and supportive.’

Wonthaggi Library Officer Karen Bateman remembers when Georgia popped the question to the library! ‘Well it was certainly different to most of the requests for help that we get, but we were really pleased to be able to help,’ Karen said.

And so the library did help, even to the point of bringing forward the agreed date to beat the even more restrictive lockdown that was about to close the library doors the evening before the ceremony. With only a few hours notice, Georgia, Alister, their celebrant and a small group of family came to the library and the happy couple left after declaring their love for each other to the gathered group.

And the library was glad to be able to add yet another way to the many ways in which it is there to help its community!

Perhaps the last comment should come from Georgia. ‘My niece, who is also an avid library lover, borrowed a few books after the ceremony, and which conventional wedding venue has that added benefit?’

Very true!



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How romantic, I wish is library lovers could have been there too ❤️❤️

Lysbeth Wee

How lovely! congratulations to the lovely couple and thanks to the library staff who helped to facilitate this intimate wedding. They looked very happy.

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