Books By Us update #3

Books By Us update #3

Week 6 and 7 updates from our facilitators Nansi and Michelle! 

Thanks to the hard work of Books By Us presenters Nansi and Michelle, as well as the Loch Primary School teachers Mrs V and Mrs B, BBU didn’t miss a beat when Victoria declared a statewide lockdown and the Loch students were again asked to learn from home.

Nansi adapted the BBU program to suit online learning while Mrs V and Mrs B worked tirelessly to ensure our authors had access to their BBU manuscripts from home and technical issues were ironed out before the session went live. Michelle was more concerned about what she was going to was Book Week after all!

During the Week 7 online session, our authors learned how to properly sources illustrations for their manuscripts and list them in a bibliography. They also spent a few minutes at the end of class introducing us to the many pets who are keeping them company in remote learning!

This week, Nansi went through the editing process with our authors. Their next step will be to exchange manuscripts to edit each other’s work, using detailed feedback sheets. A few students even shared their first drafts onscreen! We are very impressed with the amount of work they’d put into their writing and their willingness to make their manuscripts the best they can be by seeking feedback. Even professional authors find that scary! We can’t wait to see how their stories and non-fiction texts improve as they move on to their second drafts.

Michelle dressed up for Book Week!


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