Leongatha Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Leongatha Library – Staff Book Recommendations
Up next for book recommendations is Leongatha! We love the wide range of options they’ve picked for us. Which book has caught your eye?
Kerri’s Pick:
Pheasants Nest by Louise Milligan
“A thriller set in Melbourne makes for a good read.”
Kate’s Pick:
No Way Yirrikipayi! By Alison Lester
“No Way Yirrikipayi is one of my absolute favourites to read with children from preschool to middle primary. It is a wonderful, engaging story, full of beautiful illustrations and colourful rhymes. It is also a fabulous book for children to practise inferring with, as the creatures are all written with their Tiwi names and you have to work out what animal it is based on the clues in the images and text. There are many wonderful picture books published by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, but this is definitely one of my faves!”
Kearny’s Pick:
Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
“Red, White and Royal Blue is my absolute favourite book of all time. I love the banter and forbidden romance between Alex and Henry and I love how they go from enemies to friends to lovers. Alex and Henry have my heart. I laughed, I cried and I screamed throughout this book.”
Ursula’s Pick:
Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King
“This book is about how every female in the world falls asleep and cannot be woken. It tells how men cope in the aftermath: do they step up to care for infants and children or do they fall apart? I enjoyed reading it, but knew if it had been the other way round men falling asleep how they would have been cared for by their female relatives, friends and just gotten on with life.”


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