National Volunteer Week 2023

National Volunteer Week 2023

Let’s celebrate and give a big shout-out to the incredible library volunteers during National Volunteer Week 2023 (15 – 21 May 2023)! These amazing individuals selflessly share their time, skills, and knowledge to benefit our community. The theme for the 2023 National Volunteers Week is The Change Makers. 

The week-long event recognises the vital support our country’s millions of volunteers provide to their communities and encourages people to consider volunteering.

At Myli, we are fortunate to have active volunteers who play a vital role in supporting our team. They contribute their efforts in a variety of rewarding positions: 

Community Advisory Committee (CAC): Our CAC members represent and advocate for Myli and our local community. They are true champions! 

In-branch Support: Working hand-in-hand with our staff, these volunteers provide valuable assistance during programs, events, and day-to-day tasks in our library branches. 

Home Library Service (HLS): Our HLS volunteers are absolute stars! They go the extra mile by delivering selected materials to community members who may face challenges in visiting our branches. We’re thrilled with the success of this new service and appreciate the enthusiasm and support of our volunteers. Visit our Home Library Service page for more information. 

Friends of the Library groups: Our Friends groups are simply incredible! They play an active and significant role in raising funds for our libraries, enabling us to provide even better resources and experiences for our community. They also lend invaluable assistance in organising highly popular local events and programs. 

Toora Community Hall Committee volunteers: We can’t thank our Toora Community Hall Committee volunteers enough for their invaluable contributions. They provide assistance to community members with Click and Collect services, facilitate book exchanges, and manage the Mechanics Institute Collection. Click here for more information about the Toora Click and Collect service.

We are immensely grateful to all our library volunteers for their dedication, passion, and unwavering support. Their generosity enriches the lives of countless individuals in our community. Thank you for making a difference! 

Volunteering with us 

Volunteering at Myli – My Community Library is an incredible opportunity to be part of a positive and friendly volunteer culture. We are thrilled to collaborate with our volunteers and library staff to achieve shared goals and make a difference in our communities. 

When you join us as a volunteer, you can expect: 

  • Full recruitment, induction, and training to ensure you feel prepared and supported. 
  • A clear role description that outlines your responsibilities and contributions. 
  • A Volunteer Agreement process that ensures transparency and mutual understanding. 
  • Ongoing support and supervision from our dedicated staff team. 
  • Building meaningful relationships with our staff members and fellow volunteers. 
  • Recognition and celebration of your valuable contributions throughout your volunteering journey. 

Discover more about the exciting volunteer roles available at Myli by visiting our Volunteers page. 


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