New Chapter at Waterline Community Library

New Chapter at Waterline Community Library

Enhancing Community Connection and Accessibility

Myli – My Community Library and the Bass Coast Shire Council are excited to announce the Waterline Community Library is moving to a new location, Unit 3, 1524 Bass Highway, Grantville. This move is part of our ongoing commitment to fostering community spaces where people can connect and learn.

The relocation from the Grantville Transaction Centre to a dedicated standalone location is a direct response to our community’s demonstrated needs. With growing membership and program participation, this move enables us to better support and expand our offerings.

Key Benefits of the New Waterline Community Library:

Community Space: The new location will provide more room for our library’s expanding activities, from enriching children’s programs to diverse workshops for education and entertainment for all ages. This space will be designed to be a hub of creativity and a place to bring people together.

Enhanced Access: Following the model of our well-received San Remo Library, the new Waterline Library will provide extended access to library members. Extended access supports accessibility library resources and spaces beyond staffed opening hours.

Strengthened Partnerships: Our collaboration with valued local organisations and initiatives, such as Bass Coast Health’s Best Start Program, will greatly benefit from the enhanced facilities, allowing us to offer more support for early childhood development and to nurture family well-being.

Community Driven: The decision to relocate was shaped by community input and the proven need for enhanced facilities. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our community by adapting and responding to its feedback.

This significant step highlights both Myli’s and Bass Coast Shire Council’s shared commitment to supporting community connection and growth. By enhancing our facilities, we are responding to our community’s demonstrated needs and engaging with more people through our collaborative efforts.

We are dedicated to keeping the community well-informed throughout this exciting journey. More details will be provided soon, please visit myli.au/waterline for updates about the development of the Waterline Community Library.


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