Phillip Island Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Phillip Island Library – Staff Book Recommendations

Our Phillip Island Library team members have shared their most recent book recommendations! Will you be adding any of these to your holds list?

Anneli’s Pick:

There was still love by Favel Parrett

“Favel Parrett is a brilliant Australian author. I loved this book for its intergenerational storylines and strong, complex female characters. I also enjoyed that it was set between Melbourne and Prague, both cities that I love.”


Becky’s Pick: 

Wildflower by Peggy Frew & Islands by Peggy Frew

“Peggy Frew is one of my favourite Australian authors. I absolutely love her style, especially the way she portrays her family dynamics.”


Allie’s Pick: 

Fall of Ruin & Wrath by Jennifer L. Armentrout

“For all my romance, fantasy buffs out there if you haven’t read any of Jennifer L. Armentrout do yourself a favour. Her world building and character development is second to none and her stories will get your heart pumping whilst you get fully absorbed in her series.”


Jessica’s Pick:

The Way of the Hermit by Ken Smith with Will Millard

“This memoir was a call back to the things that are essential to happiness and contentment. It was a simply told heartfelt story from a man who lives in the wild highlands of Scotland. It wasn’t my usual read as I normally eschew biographies, but I am so glad I read this. As life becomes intensely more complex, there is something seductive about disappearing into the woods to build yourself a log cabin. Ken Smith was almost poetic in his reflections on the deep connection we have to the natural world and his keen observations were a joy to read.”


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