The Twelve Clues of Christmas

The Twelve Clues of Christmas

Collect your Twelve Clues of Christmas pack from Warragul Library. 

Thank you for participating in our ‘Twelve Clues of Christmas’ event. If you need additional clues, open the document number you are up to; we encourage you to read one hint at a time and try to solve the puzzle again before scrolling to the next page of the document.

We would appreciate it if you take some time to fill out a feedback form, which will help us plan for future events. Click here to leave feedback.

  • How to Play

    On each day leading up to Christmas, open a new letter and follow the clues to find out the culprit. To finish on Christmas day start opening the letters on the 14th of December.

    It is very important that you only open the letters one at a time, as there are sometimes the answers on the next letter.

    This murder is taking place in a fictional world! There is no intentional correlation between any of the characters and real-life individuals or circumstances. With that in mind, while the kit will require some critical thinking, if you’re ever lost we have a webpage on our website dedicated to additional clues that could help you. If that isn’t possible, call the Warragul Library on 5622 2848.

    Also, please note that while the kit contents are not explicit, the targeted audience is ages 16+, or 12+ with parental supervision.

    When you finish with the kit we ask that you please fill out the feedback form provided.

    Now, we think you’re ready to go! We hope you enjoy this kit and look forward to hearing how well you did! Good luck investigators!


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