Dirty Harry and Possums and Rats by Ian Burns

Dirty Harry and Possums and Rats by Ian Burns

Ian Burns loves the natural world. He has an extensive vegetable garden and is busy setting up his “winter veggie garden”. He is Vice President of the Senior Citizens Club at Cowes on Phillip Island Vic, does part time work as gardener for several seniors on the Island, and contributes various articles to local papers and magazines. Having been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, he now produces a range of natural oils and solutions under his own brand.


Dirty Harry is an Ibis

He never does appear to be quite clean

My children call him Tip Bird

But I think, that’s really a bit mean

A crow can fly high in the sky but Harry can go higher

Gawky and awkward looking

Bit quite an accomplished flyer

Some say he’s ugly, long sickle beak, bony black legs

Those same people adore lorikeets

And say so smugly!

Harry doesn’t care what people say

In his mind’s eye he is a Flamingo, pink

And quite honestly

Does not care what those people think



The garden is under attack!

Nothing seems to be spared, fuschias geranium, roses and parsley

The charge is being led by possums and rats

What’s next….. bats?

Stems eaten to the core, the poor roses don’t stand a chance, leaves eaten, petals devoured

Possums and rats

What’s next…. Bats?

Veggies too are not spared, beans peas and cauliflower

Took so long to grow, now have little to show

Possums and rats

What’s next… bats?

Solar lights bright and shiny, to deter the intruders

Space station reported seeing them from up there

This destruction is just too much to bear!

Possums and rats

What’s next…. Bats?



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