Southpoint lookout, Summerlands

Standing at the Southpoint lookout, Summerlands, Pacific Gulls swoop and glide on thermals. In winter, a form of wild energy is made by the sea which is mesmerising to watch and hear as the waves roar when they smash into rugged rocks with powerful fury, leaving a wash of white as they recede. The sea is grey and it’s hard to distinguish where the sky begins on the horizon. In summer, an atmosphere of calmness lifts the spirit. The sun shines, the sea is blue and the fury has been left behind. Instead, the waves sound like a musical rhythm as they reach the coastline. Peregrin Falcons fly high in the sky above and Cape Barren Geese nibble on the green cliffs. No matter the season, this place is therapeutic for the heart and soul.

Name: Tricia Storr
Special Place: Summerlands
Medium: Photograph


Southpoint lookout, Summerlands

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