Fees and Charges

Free Service? YES! But Sometimes Services Incur A Fee:

Photocopying and Printing
Black and White – 20c per A4 copy / 40c per A3 copy (Double sided = 2 copies)
Colour – 25c per A4 copy / 50c per A3 copy (Double sided = 2 copies)

Library Bags – $2.50 each

USB Flash Drives – $8

Headphones – $3.00

Inter Library Loans
$30.30 from Interstate and Academic Libraries per item.
$5.00 from non Libraries Victoria Public Libraries per item.

Lost Library Cards
Replacement Cost $3.20

Lost or Damaged Items
An amount is charged to cover the value of the items which are lost or too badly damaged to keep in the library. The amount is equal to the cost of the item. Refunds for lost items returned within 6 months may be considered.

Replacement Talking Books/CD’s – $16.25 per CD

Overall Limit – Upper limit of accrued charges per adult borrower $10.00, Junior borrower $5.00. Loss of Library privileges (borrowing, use of internet/public use PC’s and hold placement ALL suspended)

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