Groves Estate, Jam Jerrup

The place I love is where peacocks roam free and each day you see their beautiful courtship ritual, the male with his spectacular fanned iridescent train impressing the hens. Where the quirky guinea fowl hunt and aren’t afraid to sing their fearsome song to keep the predators away and the fine fluffy silkies chat away trying to navigate their way through their beautiful puffy crest.

This is the place where unusual friendships have blossomed. A striking highland cow, with her flowing black locks and majestic horns can be seen cavorting with an obstinate, braying Mediterranean micro donkey. And a fearless Jersey cow, and a group of shy but curious Alpaca’s befriend an orphan Angus calf.

It is a place you hear a symphony of sound from the whistle of the cavies to the bellow of the deer. It is music to my ears. This is our Farm the Groves Estate.

Name: Aleta Groves

Special Place: Groves Estate, Jam Jerrup

Medium: Composite Photograph


Groves Estate, Jam Jerrup

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