Remote Printing: at Myli

Remote Printing: at Myli

Mobile Printing

Print anywhere, anytime from any internet-enabled device direct to our libraries.

Service Update

There are some changes to this service during the COVID-19 recovery and you will now need to be a library member to access the print-on-demand service and photocopying at the library.

If you’re not already a library member, you can join online.

Cash payments are accepted at branches. Payment can also be made online via credit card.

Web Print

To submit print jobs via web print please first sign in.



  • A4 Black and White – Single Sided: 20 cents
  • A4 Black and White – Double Sided: 40 cents
  • A3 Black and White – Single Sided: 40 cents
  • A3 Black and White – Double Sided: 80 cents
  • A4 Colour – Single Sided: 25 cents
  • A4 Colour – Double Sided: 50 cents
  • A3 Colour – Single Sided: 50 cents
  • A3 Colour – Double Sided: $1.00


Important Information

  • Print jobs are available for print for 72 hours from the time of submission. After 72 hours the print job will be deleted.
  • Depending on network conditions and document size, some print jobs may take longer to print
  • Mobile Printing will impact your data usage at home and on your mobile device
  • View a list of supported file formats here
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