View from Anderson Hill

A special place in Bass Coast? There are so many! My choice is the vista from Anderson Hill. Heading home from Wonthaggi, I cross the roundabout and down the hill. Ahead is a panorama of the whole Waterline district. On a clear day, the faint blue Dandenongs form the far horizon. Hills to the right, green or brown depending on the season, the coastal paddocks and home are ahead. The curves of the coastline, French Island and the ever-changing waters of Western Port are to the left. Nothing man-made disturbs the landscape, other than the road. Above is a huge sky, sometimes blue, sometimes stormy. From this vantage point the view is never the same, depending on the season, time of day and the weather, in that moment. A fleeting, but precious moment, which always makes my heart sing, before the view slips away as I descend.

Name: Anne Heath Mennell

Special Place: View from Anderson Hill

Medium: Photograph


Anderson Hill, Anderson

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