Rhyll, Millowl, Phillip Island

This sunrise epitomises the beauty of Phillip Island for me, encompassing a 180° view at low tide, revealing the deeper channels as well as the wreck of the Minah.

Capturing views from exactly the same location at different times and seasons reveals the changing phases of the ocean, sky and land. These aerial images comprise many frames captured with a drone, which are then seamlessly stitched together.

In these scenes I captured the Phases of Rhyll: Cloudy, Sunset, Evening and Dawn, allowing the viewer to switch between the views and maintain the same viewing direction. Dawn, January 4th 2019 was the start of the horrific bushfires in Eastern Victoria.

View this sequence of 360° panoramas here:

Phases of Rhyll

This link shows Rhyll during a beautiful moonrise. Note the oil rig offshore from Cowes

Rhyll Vic Sunset

Recently I created a complete “walkabout” of Phillip Island by air

Aerial tour of Phillip Island 2020

Name: Barney Meyer
Special Place: Rhyll
Medium: Photographs / Virtual Tours


Rhyll, Millowl, Phillip Island

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