Cowes Beach, Millowi, Phillip Island

This is my favourite place, the beach between Dunsmore and Coghlan Roads in Cowes.
I walk along that stretch of sand almost every day. And every day, it is different, depending on the season, the weather and the tide.

It’s busy in summer – lots of holiday makers, happy children, sunburnt adults. I prefer it in winter with only the odd dog walker passing or nobody at all. That’s when I feel like the last human on earth, a strange sensation.

There is the ocean, the vast sky above it and the soothing sound of gentle waves expiring on the sand. It puts things into perspective. It shrinks your problems and makes you feel better.
That’s why it is my favourite place.

Name: Edith Wilke

Special Place: Cowes Beach

Medium: Photograph


Cowes Beach, Millowi, Phillip Island

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