Cape Paterson

I’ve walked this path through many chapters of my life. Some I do not want to relive and many chapters I miss every day. This walk is always there for me.

When I first started walking along the beach here I loved the shapes of the cracks in the cliff rocks & thought of the secrets they held. These cracks in the cliff rock whispered stories to be uncovered from the density of my heart. Climbing up the dunes the shrubs and trees bend and stretch impossibly – clambering up like a litter of newborn blind pups sniffing for mum’s teats. I walked up, untangling my confused spirits.

I’m not so young and confused now and the walk still feeds me every day. I know the tide will take what it takes and the shrubs, grasses and trees seem to know where they need to grow and that is endlessly reassuring.

Name: Emma Townshend
Special Place: Cape Paterson
Medium: Photograph


Cape Paterson

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