Outdoor Sports Equipment

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Did you know we don’t just loan out books? We have outdoor sports equipment available for loan from selected branches. You can hit the waves on a Myli surfboard, trek through beautiful Gippsland with the help of our walking poles or carve out some tricks on a skateboard! We have also recently added two stand-up paddleboards to our collection at Inverloch Library. 

How it works

  •  Borrowers must be a library member (MYLI or One Card membership required).
  •  No charge to borrow the equipment however the borrower may be asked to pay for considerable (excessive) damage that requires repair or replacement, and is not considered general “wear and tear” (see hire waiver and terms & conditions).
  • Library staff member and borrower must conduct a “pre-loan” and “post-loan” check of equipment to inspect for pre-existing damage and condition when returned.
  • Any equipment considered defective and unsafe must not be loaned out. 
  • Borrower must agree to Hire Waiver and T&Cs by signing acceptance.
  •  Borrowers under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian sign Terms & Conditions.
  • Same day holds only (ie. patrons can call in the morning to reserve a board to be picked up later in the day only).
  • 24 hour loan period, or next day opening (ie. if boards are borrowed either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, they will not be due back until Monday).

What’s available

Inverloch Library

  • 6ft hard board (with cover)  
  • 7ft softboard 
  • 7ft softboard  
  • TEAL Stand Up Paddle Board (one fin – 10ft 6”)
  • BLUE Stand Up Paddle Board (three fins – 10ft 2”)
  • Walking poles  

San Remo Library

  • 7ft softboard
  •  Walking poles
  • 3 x pedometers

Wonthaggi Library

  • 8ft softboard 
  • Skateboard 8” (include helmet and wrist guards)
  • Skateboard helmet (adjustable)  
  • Skateboard wrist guards
  • Walking poles  
  • Bike locks  
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