Introducing Kinderling! 

Family Listening 
The family that raves together stays together! Kinderling is Australia’s most popular kid’s radio station with the latest and greatest songs for kids AND grown-ups. The content is hand-picked to be appropriate for little ears so you can laugh, dance and sing together. 

Safe and trusted 
Research-based programs you can safely turn on any time knowing your children will hear developmentally appropriate, educationally sound and entertaining shows. 

Tailored to your day 
Kinderling programs are tailor-made to suit your day and night routine. From breakfast to playtime to the witching hour to bedtime – we have you covered. 

Looking for a fun, screen-free alternative? Kinderling has you sorted. Enjoy quality family time without a screen. Play time, dance time, travel time, story time and winding-down-for-bed time. 

Myli members can access the premium version of Kinderling for free.  

Get started –  

  1. Visit https://www.kinderlingkids.com/library/   
  2. Search Myli – My Community Library  
  3. Enter your library barcode number as it is shown on your library card
  4. Set up your Kinderling account  
  5. Download the Kinderling app, available in the App Store and Google Play 
  6. Log into your Kinderling account
  7. Enjoy!  

Need Assistance? 

If you need help accessing Kinderling, please contact your local branch, or use our online Chat on our website during business hours. You can also visit the Kinderling FAQ section. 

  • Watch Kinderling’s How To videos here.


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