The Gap Road Track, Millowl, Phillip Island

My walk starts at Gentle Anne Corner and ends facing Bass Strait. It is a meditation; shared with birds and the occasional dog walker or jogger. (In October, it becomes a highway to heaven as men in black tramp to their mecca – the GP Circuit, but this is an anomaly.)

Lately my track has become a pilgrimage of masks and friendly eyes, bikes, wheelchairs and dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is our boulevard! It’s also become an amazing bird sanctuary courtesy of the quieter roads and airways.

However, happy birdsongs and the friendly smiles of daily exercisers can’t conceal that business goes on. Cattle graze, excavators grind in the distance, utes and buses pass by, 5G towers encircle and the Shearing Shed awaits its brides.

I wonder if the farmers, caterers, technicians, earthmovers and bikers notice the acacia, melaleuca and birds are thriving?

Name: Gay Findlay

Special Place: Gap Rd. Track, Millowl, Phillip Island

Medium: Photographs


The Gap Road Track

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