Screw Creek, Inverloch

Screw Creek: Footbridge, winter
Sometimes I run. Late afternoon, leaf scrim on the high tide, thunderclouds to the east. My feet skirt
rain sludge, dance around the sand curve, thud on the boardwalk. To my left, it’s intertidal. Mudflats
and mangroves, ground pockmarked by soldier crabs, shorebirds screaming. To my right, sea rush
and coastal scrub. Breathe puffs of cloud. Attention snags on a web – its four corners suspended in
the crook of a tree. Something twitches in the saltbush. Cast my mind to catch history. The Bunurong
people, resource rich from the creek, eels, shellfish, bird eggs. Cross the footbridge. Wait for my
breath to catch up. Consider the light skirting the tussocks, the gathering clouds, the winter hush.
Beneath me, the creek. Ribboning through the muddy paddocks, widening at the melaleuca, the
paperbark thickets, its measured approach, wider as it greets the mouth, slowly, patiently, making
its way back to the ocean.

Name: Karen Bateman and Kerri-Anne Pratt
Special Place: Screw Creek
Medium: Photograph


Screw Creek, Inverloch

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