Moorings Place, Corinella

Every aspect of nature has its own charm and tells its own story … the water is at the heart for me … life teams under, on and over it. From sunrise to sunset, the sun plays over the lapping water, a riot of colour fills the skies and spills out over the bay as tides ebb and flow. Air … fresh and clean, pure oxygen emanates from the mangroves dotting the shallows, a nursery for fingerlings. Majestic, graceful … black swans glide around the mangroves out to the yachts moored in a line reaching out from the Jetty. Sharing the shoreline egrets, Ibis and ducks are busy all day long with the quest for food, endlessly entertaining as they go about their business. Dusk falls and birds soft coos fill the silence of the night … bliss! This is my special place.

Name: Lyndell Parker

Special Place: Moorings Place Corinella (In front of her house)

Medium: Photograph


Moorings Place, Corinella

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