Healthier Habits blog – March 2022: Break the Bias

Healthier Habits blog – March 2022: Break the Bias

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated worldwide on March 8th. It is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, accelerate and raise awareness about women’s equality, and call for change. 

IWD has occurred for well over a century with the first gathering held in 1911, which was supported by over 1 million people. You can read more about the IWD timeline here.  

The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias and the official United Nations theme is ‘gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’.

But what does Break the Bias actually mean? IWD wants you to –  

‘Imagine a gender-equal world. 
A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. 
A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. 
A world where difference is valued and celebrated. 
Together we can forge women’s equality. 
Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias’. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to figure out how you can acknowledge IWD and get involved. Let’s look at some ways –  

Attend an event  

  • Baw Baw Shire and Women in Gippsland will host an evening with Em Rusciano at the West Gippsland Arts Centre on March 8th.  
  • Bass Coast Shire will host a free community event with inspirational local speakers at the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre on March 8th.  
  • In the lead up to IWD, GippsSport will host two events ‘Balancing the Board‘ in Inverloch and Maffra with three-time Paralympian Madeleine Hogan, celebrating the outstanding achievements of Gippsland women in Sports Governance. 
  • Attend a virtual event from the comfort of home.  

Watch a Movie  

Our streaming service Kanopy has curated movies celebrating women directors, biographies of influential women, and insights into current events. You can stream these titles for free with your Myli membership. If you’re new to Kanopy, visit the resource page to learn how to get started. 

Read a Book  

Celebrate female writers, amazing stories of women through history and innovators by picking up a book at your local library. We’ve listed some of our favourites, and you can discover more about them on our reading blog –  

 Place these titles and more on hold through our catalogue.  

For the Kids  

Watch a story on StoryBox Library to start discussions about inclusivity and diversity. You’ll need to log in with your library details to watch! If you’re new to StoryBox Library, visit our resource page to find out more.

IWD has a range of practical resources available for children to educate and inspire – 

  • Activities created by the IWD and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts 
  • Colouring sheets with inspirational women and motivational reminders. 

Break the Bias on your socials

Strike a pose to show your solidarity and support for International Women’s Day. It’s simple – cross your arms, snap a photo and share on social media with the hashtags #IWD2022 #BreakTheBias to raise awareness about women’s equality. Simple!  

We hope you have found these simple ways to celebrate IWD helpful. Let us know in the comments below how you will be celebrating.  

 We’ll also be sharing ways to acknowledge and celebrate International Men’s Day (November 19th) in our November Healthier Habits blog.  

March 2022 Special Events and Dates – 

Extra Support

The opinions and recommendations in this blog do not replace advice from your doctor or mental health practitioner. If you feel like you need further support, you can access many free mental health helplines, support websites, online counselling, web forums, interactive toolkits, one-on-one counselling and group therapy sessions. Please visit the Better Health website for a  comprehensive list of services.

Mental Wellbeing at MYLI

The Healthier Habits blog is adapted from the Myli – My Community Library employee ‘Page Break’ program. Page Break is an initiative from our Manager Volunteers & Community Participation, Kathie Olden. Kathie sends out regular updates to staff inviting them to participate in simple activities and conversation starters that focus on making small changes to their mental health and wellbeing.


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