Healthier Habits – February 2022: The Joy of Childhood

Healthier Habits – February 2022: The Joy of Childhood

February 14th is Library Lovers Day, and the 2022 theme is ‘Show the Love’. ALIA is encouraging library patrons to remember the wonder they experienced when they discovered something new as a child. Maybe it was an idea, a place in nature, a new understanding, or the pure joy of becoming lost in an imaginary game for hours.

In this month’s Healthier Habits blog, we want you to think about what you loved doing as a kid and bring some of that joy into your ‘grown-up’ life. Adults often get bogged down in the hard work of ‘being an adult’, and we don’t always stay connected to the hobbies and activities we enjoyed as children. We say things like; ‘I don’t play sport’ or ‘I don’t cook’ or ‘I can’t draw’, even though we spent hours as kids whacking tennis balls against the garage wall, playing the drums with a hairbrush or drawing detailed pictures with our crayons.

Re-discovering what you liked doing as a kid can really boost your spirits and help you get ‘unstuck’ from the whole idea that you ‘can’t’ do something. You can enter a new world where it doesn’t matter if you are any good at something or not. When you approach a childhood hobby again, you may discover that you actually are not as bad at it as you thought! Another insight you may experience is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t create a masterwork or the next great Australian novel. The pleasure is in escaping the reality of ‘real life’ and finding that childlike joy from years gone by.

The team at Myli had a great discussion about our long-forgotten childhood pursuits and what we would like to try as adults. Roller skating, horse riding, bug catching and ballet were high on the list. We also discussed the excitement we got from looking in rock pools and attempting to skip stones across the water. The absolute thrill you got from lifting your hands off the handlebars as you flew down a hill on your bike (just make sure you’re wearing a helmet!) We also talked about our favourite childhood books and vowed to borrow them to read.

We’d love you to set aside some time this month to think about what you loved doing as a child and give it a try! Share your stories in our comments box below. 

February Recommendations

We are reading – And Then We Grew Up

This book, written by Rachel Friedman, is for anyone who has given up a childhood dream and wondered “what-if?”. For those who have aspired to do what they love and had doubts along the way, and for all whose careers fall somewhere between emerging and established. Available in paperback and an e-audiobook on BorrowBox.

We are listening to – Days Like These

The best story you’ll hear this week. Presented by Elizabeth Kulas, Days Like These is a podcast told by one person telling the tale of how they lived through something wild. Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes both. Listen on the ABC listen appApple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

February Dates – 

Extra Support

The opinions and recommendations in this blog do not replace advice from your doctor or mental health practitioner. If you feel like you need further support, you can access many free mental health helplines, support websites, online counselling, web forums, interactive toolkits, one-on-one counselling and group therapy sessions. Please visit the Better Health website for a  comprehensive list of services.

Mental Wellbeing at MYLI

The Healthier Habits blog is adapted from the Myli – My Community Library employee ‘Page Break’ program. Page Break is an initiative from our Manager Volunteers & Community Participation, Kathie Olden. Kathie sends out regular updates to staff inviting them to participate in simple activities and conversation starters that focus on making small changes to their mental health and wellbeing.





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