Looking after your Mental Health with Alison Fonseca

Looking after your Mental Health with Alison Fonseca

We know everyone is finding these times hard. That is why we are offering more than just physical resources for you all to lean on and learn from. We want to try something different so we have decided to team with Alison Fonseca from Bourke Fonseca Consulting, a psychologist based in Gippsland who understands what our communities are going through. We have been hit by devastating bushfires in 2020 and now COVID19, and who better to help some of us recover than a Gippsland local with the necessary background to know her stuff?

We would like to hear from you. We will be spending some time over the coming weeks answering your questions on all things health and wellbeing in these trying times. All you need to do is submit a question to the following email, or send us a private message on Facebook, and we will address the answer in our short videos over the coming weeks. Your identity will remain confidential: we will share our responses to your question however we will not share anything more than that.

We want to help and this is one way we can get some tips and tools out there for all to access.

West Gippsland Libraries is so much more than books, those that frequent our spaces and online resources know this. For all of you out there yet to experience our support, please join in. You never know who may need to hear what Alison has to say, and you never know who you may help by asking a question about mental health and how to cope during ISO and COVID19.

Alison Fonseca has been living and working in Central West Gippsland since the mid-1990s.  Alison is a registered Counselling psychologist and a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.  She has 20 years’ experience working in the field of psychological trauma.  Her interests include responses to sexual assault, perinatal and infant mental health, and clinical governance within the helping professions.  She has worked in community services organisations, tertiary health settings, private practice and for Commonwealth, State, and local government. 

Alison’s approach to working with people involves taking a position of curiosity about their unique stories, providing evidence-informed guidance within a human rights framework, and, holding a safe space for people in which they can; process experiences, find meaning and discover purpose. 


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